The Mission of Innovation Advisory Partners

Innovation Advisory Partners (IAP) was formed in 2012 to bring together a unique group of leaders from science, technology, research and education who can provide singular insight and hands-on strategic support to global clients in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and the individual states of the U.S. , especially in the specific instance of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education and thereby the STEM workforce. With a commitment to achieving significant and measurable outcomes, carefully chosen IAP teams provide change-minded clients advice in such areas as research strategy, management, policies and programs, and leadership. IAP founders and associate members are drawn from a diverse portfolio of internationally renowned institutions from both the public and private sectors. They are dedicated to building and supporting alliances between government, industry and academia in order to expand the capacity of leading institutions and educational entities to achieve new levels of success. IAP Partners are particularly sought to design and launch innovative new programs and institutions, typically charged with the purpose of creating substantial economic impact and competitive advantage. In concert with clients, IAP Partners take advantage of their renowned track record in transformational research, new and emerging fields, disruptive technologies and entrepreneurial-minded organization-building. This includes work in IT, biotechnology, energy, the environment, social policy and culture. Recently, IAP members have included a focus on STEM education and now have members with significant experience, including training the trainers and building powerful and effective networks with software tools driven to serve and advance learning and teaching.

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Partners and Clients

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IAP works in partnership with the world’s premier higher education consultancy in order to offer a complete solution to our client’s needs.

IAP advised and assisted start-up of new, international research centers.

IAP helped negotiate major new research and education programs for a new institution in Russia.



These evaluations may be wide-ranging and big picture or highly targeted to analyze policies, programs, organizations, operations, capabilities and goals. IAP’s assessments may involve an internal review as well as evaluating the wider landscape that affects a client’s field or region.


IAP can diagnose existing approaches and design and execute new strategies to drive innovation, enhance the quality and reputation of an organization, and achieve success.


IAP works closely with managers and top leadership, providing strategic insight and direction to build both internal and external support. IAP also may assist in identifying and placing talent to strengthen an organization and help meet its objectives.

Contact Us

You can reach Innovation Advisory Partners via email at:

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